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"If you want more out of your personal and professional lives, then The WoW is a must-read. Original, penetrating and alive with tremendous insight, this instant classic captures the true stories and winning strategies of three underdogs who beat the odds at every turn. It's one of the best sports books I've ever read."

James O'Connor
Retired Group Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Service
Ford Motor Company

"The WoW blends the unique excitement of major college football with three true stories of underdogs whose passion to succeed against overwhelming odds is truly inspirational. Corona combines these special stories with his seven winning strategies for success and encourages us all to push the limits of our potential in our careers and personal lives."

Kelly Ryan
Quarterback, Captain and Ivy League MVP – Yale University, 1987
Partner – Quiet Light Trading LLC

"Every life has its challenges. Every person has dreams or goals that they feel are just beyond reach. Every worthwhile pursuit requires perseverance, adaptability and resilience to be achieved. Using life histories of walk-on college athletes as a foundation, Paul Corona derives simple strategies for leading a successful life. Pithy, practical and truly engaging, The Wisdom of Walk-Ons presents strategies we all can use. Tenacity, resilience, flexibility and a concern for others are virtues that serve us well in school, in sports and throughout life. Through his seven lessons of walk-ons, Corona shows us how these virtues can be developed. The WoW is a powerful book. Whenever one feels overmatched by a problem, this is a guide worth revisiting. After all, we're all walk-ons at one point or another."

Mark Reinecke, PhD
Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Chief Psychologist
Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine

"The WoW does a great job of quenching our thirst for the underdog! Corona helps us relate to the character and commitment of three special athletes who pursued stretch goals on and off the field. This must-read ignites the fighting spirit inherent in us all."

Tracey Maltby
Former personal assistant to Billie Jean King
Former Director of Media – World TeamTennis

"Experience three true stories of those who were told they wouldn't make it (but did anyway). Learn that it's not rocket science but an understanding of seven valuable lessons. Create your future with a practical action plan."

Rich Teerlink
Retired Chairman and CEO
Harley-Davidson, Inc.

"The Wisdom of Walk-Ons delivers an engaging ride with three exceptional examples of what can be accomplished when you put your mind to it. Then it shows you how to apply the same strategies for your own success. Dr. Corona's story-telling is insightful, inspiring and compelling. Maybe most important, the lessons are broadly applicable."

Ron Boe
Director of Multi-Media Sales
The Wall Street Journal

"I have read countless self-improvement books over the years and have never come across one like this. Paul Corona, in The Wisdom of Walk-ons, will make a true connection with anyone who is a sports fan or just has a desire to be more successful in all facets of life. He combines seven highly valuable success strategies with the backdrop of three inspiring underdog stories. If you are anything like me, once you start reading you won't be able stop! Stay tuned, one day Corona could be mentioned in the same breath as Carnegie, Blanchard and Covey."

Steven Prue
Chairman and CEO
Prototech Laser, Inc.

"The Wisdom of Walk-Ons is an inspiring book about never giving up. Paul Corona does a masterful job of using three unheralded college football prospects to illustrate how anything is possible in life. These walk-ons used hard work and dedication to achieve their goals in collegeand as a springboard to success later in life." (Coach Fracassa has over 400 career victories, which is the most of any coach in Michigan and number 10 nationally.)

Albert Fracassa
Head Football Coach – Brother Rice High School
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

"If you've spent any time at all in business, you've encountered the ‘wisdom of walk-ons' Corona so deftly deciphers. They're the folks with the tenacity, the drive, the creativity and the resilience to lead when others waver. And quite often, you'll find them in the board room or the corner office. Paul's engaging story-telling connects the legendary lessons of college football's most iconic coaches to underdog ideas we can apply every day in business and management. Read it. You'll relate."

Patrick Corry
Managing Director and Head of Brand Marketing
UBS Wealth Management

"Paul Corona's strengths as an inspirational coach shine through in this primer on self-improvement and personal achievement. Corona attacks the ethereal and thorny topic of motivation through the eyes of dreamers who dared to achieve, and he presents us with a front-row seat to observe some of the greatest coaching leaders of our time. Whether you want to achieve in business, school, sports or life in general, lessons abound in this easy-to-read book. Get it, and then get going."

Sean Malinowski, PhD
Los Angeles Police Department

"If you want a clear map for success and love rooting for underdogs who win, you won't be able to put down this book. We employ many of The WoW 's winning strategies at our corporate university."

Mike Gerard
Chief Learning Officer
CBRE Group

"You'll marvel, as I did, at the inspiring stories of these three men and see that their life lessons are more about the world we all live in than about the world of football. The WoW breaks it down for you: how to combine your dream with practical steps to achieve it. Paul Corona knows people and how to help them reach."

Perry Metz
General Manager
Indiana University's WTIU (PBS) and WFIU (NPR)

"Paul Corona is a champion for the underdog. The Wisdom of Walk-Ons gives an inspirational account of how hard work, commitment and dedication lead to success on the athletic field and in life. Dr. Corona's seven winning strategies serve as a great game plan for personal and professional achievement. Make sure you put this powerful book to good use!"

Greg Wendt
Draftee – Boston Celtics, 1986
All Star Guard/Forward – German Professional League, 1991-94
Senior Account Manager – Premier Polymers, Inc.

"Profound in its simplicity, The Wisdom of Walk-Ons helps readers become more competitive and effective in business and life. Using the lessons of real people who have excelled against the odds, Corona challenges readers to raise their own game. Both instructional and inspirational, The WoW is a collection of valuable messages wrapped in great sports stories."

Brenda Knapp, ACC
Executive Coach and Program Manager
WOMEN Unlimited, Inc.

"What can a college football walk-on teach us about life? Apparently everything. The Wisdom of Walk-Ons takes these unlikely teachers and deftly translates their gridiron successes into lives filled with success. These stimulating, vivid stories move as fast as the game of football and teach the seven strategies Corona has identified to help us achieve a balanced approach to family and career."

Richard Salyer
Senior Vice President and Group Account Director

"Corona's book stands apart from the field full of overly generic and academic self-help manuals on the market today. The stories of these former walk-ons combine an insider's look into the fascinating world of college football with a unique insight into their ‘post glory days' business success. It's a compelling and truly helpful read that any businessperson can relate to. The Wisdom of Walk-Ons is a self-help book, maybe the only one, I will recommend on a regular basis."

Tom Eiselt
A Big Four accounting and consulting firm

"Finally, a book that captures the necessary tools for success and puts them in a format that's entertaining and inspiring! Corona uses the backdrop of one of our nation's most cherished pastimes, college football, to hold our attention from cover to cover – and by doing so makes us better in our careers and, more importantly, in life."

Michael Baxter
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Freudenberg-NOK Group

"Masterfully crafted, The Wisdom of Walk-Ons extrapolates seven valuable principles from real-life stories to help readers reach their full potential. It's a must-read for students, businesspeople and all those who consider themselves underdogs."

Joe Burrello
Head of Global Trading – IronBridge Capital Management
Assistant Football Coach – Glenbard West High School

"The Wisdom of Walk-Ons features three great narratives about overcoming adversity and succeeding both on and off the field. Corona builds on these inspirational stories by uncovering sound strategies we all can use. The WoW gave me an opportunity to reflect on my own ‘walk-on' moments in life and ready myself for the next challenge."

Geoffrey Phillips
Vice President and General Manager of Service Delivery
GATX Corporation

"Inspirational, motivational, and unimaginable! The Wisdom of Walk-Ons brilliantly correlates the trials and tribulations of walk-on athletes with those we face in business and life, and it more importantly provides the key strategies for overcoming them. The WoW is a must-read for any athlete, sports fan, college student, or businessperson. If you ever feel like giving up, apply it and you will succeed!"

Joseph Dougherty, Jr.
Co-Founder and President
IPR, Inc.

"A great read! I found the anecdotes, messages and guidance as applicable and actionable for my 15-year-old son as they are for our sales team members with 15 years of experience."

Jim Malpede
Vice President of Sales
Concur Technologies, Inc

"Today's fiercely competitive business environment demands and rewards characteristics found in The Wisdom of Walk-Ons. With this easy-to-follow and actionable road map, Dr. Corona delivers powerful insights designed to bring out the ‘walk-on' in all of us. Put these winning strategies to work in your life, and you'll see a path to realize your full potential."

William Wilt, Jr.
Account Director – Sports Marketing
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

"If you've ever faced doubters or been told you can't live your dream, you'll find The WoW a true testament to the ‘I can, and I will' spirit that lies within all of us. Dr. Corona identifies seven practical success strategies in three fantastic but true stories about underdogs. This extraordinary book makes me want to yell, ‘Put me in, Coach!'"

Greg Farrall
All Big Ten Defense End – Indiana University, 1991
President and CEO – Farrall Wealth
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